About MineCO

A little about the server

What is MineCo?

MineCo is a vanilla based Minecraft Server where you can farm and do quests or just run a tycoon over the server build a house and get married or become the richest on the server or you can flex on other players with how many blocks you have mined with many of our leader boards maybe show off our collection of custom weapons and armours!! We try keep the server up to date and bring for fun thing's for you to do but just remember its just me doing all this and if you find a bug please dont moan and it or abuse it tell staff for a reward thank you. All donations are greatly appreciated and help me keep going and adding more new stuff!!
Please what the server trailer to see what more we have .
————————————————— [JAVA] IP: play.mine-co.uk ————————————————— [BEDROCK] IP: play.mine-co.uk PORT: 25015 —————————————————
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